Unify Your Marketing KPIs:
Technology and Decision Making for Measurable Growth

Thursday, September 7th – 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Eastern

Marketing is entering a data-driven golden age, taking its central role as an engine of growth within businesses. While budgets and accountability are at an all-time high, marketing and technology continue to converge to help drive better performance, impact and customer loyalty.  It’s now up to marketers to lead the way in their organizations to connect the dots between the business’ goals and the technology, data and skill sets needed to make insight-driven decisions an everyday reality– and a scalable one.  This means every marketer needs to think like a Marketing Technologist. But what are the key steps to successfully leading your organization on this journey?

In this webinar, join Datorama and Land O’Lakes’ Director of Digital Technology and Analytics, Brandon Leander, to learn about marketing intelligence and Brandon’s key steps for unifying your marketing KPIs, technology and decision making for growth.

Join us to specifically learn:

  • How to identify a winning committee of cross-functional decision makers
  • How to gain consensus for your company-wide marketing analytics strategy
  • How to develop scalable KPI frameworks that align marketing and sales
  • How to unify your data and technology to deliver always-on optimization across every campaign, channel, and team