Get the most from your first party data:
How Coca-Cola Manages, Measures, and Maximizes their Marketing.

Wednesday, September 26th – 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EDT


Join us as Julie Fleischer, VP of Product Marketing at Neustar talks to Chris Hawk, Connections Investment Performance at Coca-Cola North America about the success he and his team have had leveraging deep consumer insights to compete in the CPG ecosystem. By combining geospatial, mobile location, and behavioral intelligence, Coca-Cola has built a powerful tool to not only inform and delight their clients, but deliver compelling hyper-local consumer experiences along their physical journey.


Julie Fleischer spearheads product marketing for Neustar’s award-winning Marketing Solutions portfolio. She develops and delivers simple, straightforward narratives that help brands rewire their marketing efforts to create engaging conversations in the connected world. As a data-driven pioneer with over 20 years of experience, Ms. Fleischer has been a driving force for change and innovation in the industry, pushing the limits of data and analytics for simpler and more transparent advertising.

Chris Hawk leads data strategy, precision marketing, and digital media measurement for Coca-Cola North America. He is responsible for partnerships, processes, and strategy. Chris has spent his entire career in digital media, working publisher-side, in ad-tech, within an agency/agency desk, and now client-side at The Coca-Cola Company. His understanding of the digital supply chain underpins his efforts to help create a quality, consumer-centric advertising model at his company.