Making the Move to Mobility Analytics:
Bring a New Dimension to Your Customer Insights

Thursday, November 29th – 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT


Environics Analytics’ mobility analytics services are designed to support marketing and real estate related decision making for a wide range of industries. Combining the best practices in processing spatial data with privacy-friendly lifestyle segmentation, mobility analytics allows businesses, not-for-profits and municipalities to identify who is visiting their locations, where they are coming from, how frequently they visit and how often they visit competitors. By quantifying how their trade areas and visitor profiles shift by the time of day and day of the week, organizations can better align their products, marketing, and staffing by location.


As Vice President, Strategic Projects, Paul Tyndall helps the team at Environics Analytics bring new product and service offerings to market. Paul has more than 20 years of experience working with data and analytics. Most recently, Paul led analytics, campaign design and member insights at Meridian Credit Union. Prior to that, he spent almost 10 years at RBC Royal Bank where he managed the modeling and segmentation team and oversaw the delivery of data-driven client knowledge and insights.

Paul will share insights into:

  • The unique characteristics of mobility analytics which make it a highly valuable and exciting new resource for generating consumer insights—whether you have customer data or not.
  • Privacy compliant use cases to illustrate the types of insights that can be pulled from the growing mountain of mobility data points.
  • How mobility analytics can help businesses, retailers and shopping centers better understand their consumers without the need for implementing costly loyalty programs.
  • The effect the competition is having on your business and if you’re cannibalizing your own sales.

Join Paul as he provides an overview of these services and their applications to help marketers develop fuller profiles of their patrons and create better customer experiences.

Grab your lunch and explore the innovations in marketing analytics.